Well, I once again have not held up my promise to myself that I would blog regularly. To my defense I have blogged more this year than I did last year so that’s a small success right? I think so. Also, why are we so hard on ourselves? If you’re anything like me you set goals for yourself that you think are attainable, some maybe a bit more challenging but definitely do-able, and then you blink and suddenly you realize the last blog post you made was at the beginning of the summer about your summer goals and maybe you have cross off one of them…and it’s the end of summer. TAKE HEART! I haven’t been doing nothing over here and I’m sure you haven’t been staring at the wall either. Growth and progress take time. If we stop and look at the things we wanted to accomplish and look at the things that we did accomplish, I think we might be surprised that we did more than we expected. Life is full of surprises right and sometimes those surprises can be bullet points that you add on to your do-to list and then immediately cross off (I do that all the time and it feels great). Each new thing I did this summer, while not on my actual list, felt like a new opportunity and experience, a little grass root growing. Here are a few things I did this summer that I didn’t plan to do:

  • launch a new party package, the always fun Photo Booth with instant film (email for details on how to get it at your next party!)
  • participate in a community art project in Flemington, NJ called “Let’s Sit Together” (read about it here¬†
  • get obsessed with painting vintage printing press trays and have an art show called “Color Study” of all of them at Cafe Brio in Hillsborough, NJ (up until November go check it out)
  • order custom pins from my best friend
  • be interviewed by Art Paper Scissor Design ( and paint a mural for them
  • paint the windows at Man Skirt Brewing in Hackettstown, NJ

    So if you can’t believe it’s already September, don’t sweat it. Your to do list isn’t going anywhere, but make sure you take a look at those extra lines that you crossed out as soon as you wrote them and take a deep breath. There are more days ahead. Treat September as the start of a new season to make your dreams into goals and your goals into reality.