Hello my lovely humans!

Time has been flyyyying this year and I cannot believe it is already midway through June. My friend and I were talking about how summer used to this time that we looked forward to all year because it meant no school, no homework, and allll the vacations. Now as a working artist and small business starter it does not contain the same amount of magic and dazzle because we still have to keep the hustle alive! It’s okay though, it’s a new season and summers have new purposes. Just like making time to make art, we have to make time for vacations and breaks now.

I wanted to give a quick little pep talk to anyone who is struggling with attaining their goals or maybe doesn’t know where to start with even having goals! Here is a list of some things that I think have helped me become better at achieving goals in my life.

  • make lists of your ideas and projects you’d like to do: this is huge. Just writing them down outside of your brain is a big deal. Write it somewhere that you will see it every day as a reminder that you have these ideas and they deserve to be thought about and brought to reality
  • make small attainable goals that lead to that larger idea or project: say something on your list is to be more creative. Make a list of materials you already have access to then make a alarm in your phone or calendar for time that you set aside to then sit with those materials. Look at some ideas on Pinterest in you can’t get started or just jump right in! There are no wrong answers in creativity. You just have to start. Making each small step towards that larger idea hopefully will make the process more accessible and not as overwhelming
  • even if you are afraid, just do something: taking action is another huge thing. Don’t get in your own way of making your goals a reality. It’s okay to be afraid but don’t let fear win and control your dreams. Even if you try whatever it is your goal is and it doesn’t work out, at least you tried! You learned one way to not do something, and most likely you have learned enough to try again or try something else.

A huge thing for me recently was making time for myself to work in my studio more. I will be the first to admit that I get in my own way some times and am so overwhelmed by inspiration that I can’t bring myself to just get something done. I have a hundred ideas in my head but also have a hundred things to do so often those ideas don’t get fostered. They’re seeds that need to be planted. An amazing podcast I listen to called “Raise Your Hand, Say Yes” by Tiffany Han talks about this all the time. What good are your ideas if they are just sitting in your brain? What good are seeds that are sitting in a bag in the garage? As creatives we have a responsibility to our community to plant those seeds because no one else will. I am so happy to say that I have been working hard in my studio and finally started getting my ideas out and will be making a post about those pieces very soon so stay tuned.

Here is my summer 2018 goal list so far! I would love to see any of your goals for the summer!