Go With the Flo pt. 2

The standard understanding of this phrase is along the lines of doing whatever the current thing is or where the current takes you, not being oppositional or confrontational, going with whatever comes your way and potentially even traveling the path of least resistance. While I believe there is a time and season for this way of thinking, going with the Flo has taken on a different meaning for me.

Flo or Florence, the 1978 VW transporter, came to me from a couple down in South Carolina. Before them, a girl had her down in Florida and before her, Flo sat in a yard for many years. The journey she alone has taken is something I am so excited to be a part of. The couple I purchased her from used her often for camping trips and she was dearly but needed to be sold to help pay for their downpayment on their construction of their dream home. Here is Dana and her husband Houston ( aren’t they adorable!?).

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 3.01.07 PM

The bus used to be named Caroline but when I bought her I changed her name to Florence, Flo for short. I wanted a classic name and it was also the name of my great grandmother who was a teacher. I knew that I would use the bus to teach others so it just seemed like the perfect name. She is the physical evidence of so many of my dreams coming true. We used to have a VW bus named Monro but tragically lost him to a fire. Ever since we lost him I wanted another bus but it wasn’t the right time for our family. The theme of my senior thesis in college was called Art Across Borders and was the story of how I traveled to 4 countries in 4 years and did various kinds of creative work and grew a passion for creative outlets for people especially kids. When I decided to make that title the name of my passion project after graduation, I knew that it had to become a mobile project, and knew that I wanted my own VW bus. Adapting the title of my thesis to a business was easy. Not only was art going to cross borders within people’s hearts and minds but I wanted to take a creative outlet across borders within my community, the state, and hopefully the country! When my dreaming turned to planning and my plans became a reality with Flo coming into my life, the phrase “go with the flow” now became “go with the Flo.” This for me now means go with your heart, your gut, your passion, even if that’s against33685523_10160247118590532_1095590885275467776_n the current. Flo has become a symbol in my life of what rebirth, adventure, dreaming big and working hard looks like. This is why I now have her tattooed on my arm and why I am having “go with the Flo” printed on everything. To remind myself and others that we can do hard things! Peace and love my dear friends and remember to “go with the Flo.” 33714974_10160247133705532_2341999959466835968_n33692686_10160247135570532_7145202967669374976_n

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