Quarter of a Century

Yesterday was my 25th birthday! It was a rainy day in New Jersey which made it the perfect reflecting weather. The past 5 years of birthdays have been really incredible and I am so blessed and thankful for all of the adventures each year brings. On my 21st birthday I was called by Art Feeds in Joplin Missouri and was informed that I had been accepted into their internship program for the summer (life changing internship btw). On my 22nd birthday I graduated college with a degree in Fine Art (missing that place and those people!). On my 23rd birthday, Flo was delivered to me from a family in South Carolina and my vision for Art Across Borders started to take shape. On my 24th birthday, Flo was road worthy enough to make a steep trek up to the camp site I rented for my birthday party and we celebrated with food, a fire, amazing cake, and so so much laughter. This year, I had a lovely brunch with my best friend, spent the afternoon looking at art and shopping, resting, dreaming, and had a wonderful dinner prepared by my love.


It’s hard to believe I’ve lived a quarter of a century. So many amazing people are in my life that have helped shape me into who I am today. I’ve traveled far, eaten well, laughed hard, cried, fallen, gotten back up, tried, failed, succeeded, and loved. Three years ago, having graduated college, I embarked on the most daunting adventure yet. Living life post grad. After having every year laid out for you by the measure of what year you were in school, life after 16 consecutive years of schooling is truly uncharted territory. I don’t miss writing paper but I do miss the studio with fellow art majors. I don’t miss finals but I miss the wee hours of the night finishing a project before it was due. Rebuilding a community has been one of the hardest challenges living post grad, but slowly and surely I am meeting more of my tribe in my local community. It’s these introductions, connections, and conversations that truly give me hope that I am where I am supposed to be right now in life. One of the biggest lessons I have learned over these past few years is that life is full of surprises and you have to make the most of every situation. I love working hard and hustling to make my dreams a reality, but I am constantly surprised by situations. Some have been incredibly awful, but even in those times there have been silver linings. Some have been incredible beyond anything I could have planned or dreamed. I have been so blessed with an incredibly supportive family that lets me be their “artist in residence” in our home and am so thankful for technology that helps me keep in touch with all of my people across the globe. Life truly is what you make it and it has taken a village to help me make this beautiful life of mine. Thank you dear friends and family. Cheers to another spin around the sun.

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