Hey friends! Super excited to start up the blog again and be more consistent with my postings. I have always loved writing but let life and other projects get in the way so I am here to put an end to that! I’m not going to say how often they will be posted but am going to just surprise you (and myself) and am just shooting for “more regularly.” If there is a pattern that shows itself once I publish a few times then perhaps I will make that the regular timing. Anyway, I wanted to share a bit about this word, ambition.

The last time I posted was the update of what we did in 2017. Flo has been dormant since December but Art Across Borders certainly hasn’t been! I have embraced the word “ambitious” that people have often said to me about my work and want to encourage others to do the same. First, a bit of info about what’s next for Flo. It was so incredible to meet a few of the guys from the Filthy Buggers VW group who helped Flo’s engine situation out back in December. Since then I have continued growing my workshop series and have been planning what is next for Flo. The first thing on the list is to have her accelerator chord and mechanics replaced (the gas pedal is sticking down). I have the parts and am just scheduling when I can get someone to come fix her up. I am starting to go through all the materials and am trying to figure out the best way to make storage better for her for this next season. If anyone has any ideas let me know!

31326898_10160134482310532_6426161125183717376_nNow, onto being ambitious. This word was consistently mentioned to me about my mural in the entrance of Man Skirt Brewing in Hackettstown, NJ. I painted this mural last summer and it consists of about 180 painted frames, each with a painting inside reflecting the themes of the brewery. It was a very tedious mural that I honestly had no idea was going to take me as long as it did, but it served a purpose in my life at that time. I would go and paint for a few hours at a time and it became a sacred time for me to focus and work on a project that was going to bring joy to so many people. It became a form of therapy for me during a time that was filled with uncertainty and frustration.  I feel as though this word is used primarily about artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs and can either be a compliment or a backhanded compliment. I don’t really think people mean to be discouraging or give backhanded compliments but are often so overwhelmed by whatever it is you’re doing/making that it comes out as such. It’s funny, I talk about this a lot with a lot of my artist friends, specifically my best friend who is a ceramicist. If you have ambition in your bones, heart, and soul, there’s no telling you otherwise. You just have to do the thing. If you have a vision or dream, it’s part of your purpose to make that a reality.31301921_10160134477445532_1856584585328984064_n

Now I know some of you might be saying, “What if I want to be ambitious but I don’t have the creativity/time/courage to make it happen?” I say, just try. Ambition is not something that has a universal scale, it is a personal one. I didn’t view my massive mural design as ambitious really because it was just what had to be done in my mind. Going to the gym consistently? That’s ambitious to me. Maybe that’s something you have no problem doing but art making seems like a mountain of a task. We are all different and have different aspirations. My advice to you, start small but be consistent in your steps forward, upward, towards those bigger goals. Don’t be intimidated when people comment on whatever it is you are doing as ambitious. Take it as a compliment and be  encouraged. Sometimes letting outside voices take root in your mind will throw off your balance, stay focused, do your thing. I just was listening to an amazing podcast by Tiffany Han (Raise Your Hand Say Yes) and her guest Elise Cripe mentioned that sometimes if you are having anxiety about the tasks at hand, it is important to stop and pin point what you know are truths. They can be as simple as “I am sitting in the living room.” Making a list of the things you know to be true is helpful to ground your heart. Know that you are able, unique, beautiful, and have your own seeds of ambitious dreams that are waiting to be planted.

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