2017: All about those peaks and valleys


This year has been quite an adventure! It has been filled with peaks and valleys that make up a landscape that I wouldn’t trade for anything. It was Flo’s first whole year in NJ and her first East Coast winter. It was the year of many firsts which I must say is one of the most satisfying feelings. Taking a risk or leap of faith to pursue your passion is so scary and very difficult at times but something I’ve learned within this past year is that life truly begins outside of your comfort zone. To make change happen, you must keep moving. Not necessarily moving forward, but just moving. Sometimes the steps feel backwards or sideways, but in that movement there is a lesson or experience that you would have never been able to plan for that just might change your life. To see more pictures from this list, follow Art Across Borders on Instagram! Here is the list of Flo’s 2017 journey and a few lessons we learned along the way. I cannot thank everyone enough for their support, love, and encouragement this past year!


  • brought Flo out of hibernation from my dad’s garage from the winter
  • designed and launched our logo and website
  • brought art to the homes of some students that I mentor
  • celebrated 1 year of owning Flo and my 24th birthday
  • had weekly art sessions in the parking lot of a local camp during the summer
  • made the VW emblem out of paint brushes Photo Aug 28, 3 09 24 PM.jpg
  • painted several murals
  • didn’t spend money on decals for Flo but painted them on instead
  • painted the inside of Flo lavender
  • organized the art supplies
  • supplied a creative outlet for a fundraiser
  • became the neighborhood art club for several kiddos
  • started going to outside events like Blairstown 4th of July, Vets Summer Fest, Black Potato Music Festival, and Easton Out Loud
  • hosted our first birthday party!
  • painted A TON of faces
  • successfully hosted Craft and Crafts nights at Man Skirt Brewing and Lone Eagle Brewery
  • raised money for what we thought would be a very expensive engine fix
  • became friends with the incredible women that run The Loving Piece shop in Easton, PA and also Artstitution in Hackettstown, NJ
  • met the incredible members of the Filthy Buggers crew who fixed our engine problem for a fraction of the original projected cost
  • already started making plans for exciting new events and partnerships for 201826513455_10159638387150532_1740488772_o.jpg26540381_10159638394730532_1732531740_o.jpg