Go With The Flo

Photo May 16, 7 50 04 PM

Well it has been way over a year since my last post on this blog but that doesn’t mean there has been a lack of movement and activity over here! It’s incredible how time flies and how much has been happening since Flo became a Jersey girl. Here is the running list of exciting new accomplishments that have happened since last May:




  • new tires
  • organized supplies in new but temporary shelving units
  • painted the interior lavender
  • made emblem out of paint brushes for the front of Flo
  • designed the logo
  • launched the website (artacrossborders.com)
  • installed new windshield wiper motor
  • designed and made a removable awning (working on 2.0 design)
  • attended several community events such as Vets Summer Fest, Blairstown Fourth Festival, Easton Out Loud, The Black Potatoe Music Festival
  • hosted Craft and Crafts nights at Man Skirt Brewery
  • hired out for birthday parties

Photo Jul 04, 10 43 20 AM

Every event we go to has been a blast and we have met some incredible people. Every time I take Flo somewhere there is a handful of people that will come up to us and tell their story or experience with a VW bus. We’ve heard some wonderful stories and love all the support and enthusiasm people have for what we are doing.

gowiththefloprint.jpg   One of the biggest updates now is one that isn’t so joyful. Flo had a very eventful summer and ran like a champ most of the time but within the past month or so was having a harder and harder time running confidently. Into the shop she went and turns out she’s only running on three of her four cylinders. There’s a lack of compression in the one and other mechanical jargon that I have written down that I need a diagram to fully understand. The moral of the story is that the parts needed to replace the broken and worn down ones would cost just as much as buying a whole new rebuilt motor. I have (:read Big Joe the VW guru) priced out one through a website that I often get parts from and have been given a few more resources to contact but the price tag on this sucker will range from $1500-$2500 including getting it installed which might be covered in that range. I have been saving and picking up extra commissions, actually am starting a new job, but if I want to still be at fall festivals or be available for parties and events I am going to need some help.

Photo Jul 08, 5 30 22 PM

This is where you can come in. My community of people is spread out over this country and they have always supported even my wildest dreams and travels. You have helped send me all over the globe and have even helped make Art Across Borders possible and I cannot thank you enough. This time I have come up with some incentives and gifts for you all because gift giving is one of my love languages and while I find it amazing that Kickstarters work for some people, I think I am going to hold off on doing an official one and create my own endeavor. Here is the list of gifts corresponding with the levels of giving I intend to send to each donor.


Please email me at sam.artacrossborders@gmail.com to arrange for your donation and gift or if you have any questions. I will be posting more information about what some of the prints and paintings look like on the Instagram page so be sure to follow @artacrossborders. I don’t have a time limit on this fundraiser but would like to get the parts as soon as possible to get back out into the community and doing events before it gets too cold. As I mentioned before the range that this will cost is between $1,500-$2,500. Once I have found and decided on the actual motor I am going to get I will update yuo all on that information. Any bit will help whether that’s in monetary support or by prayer or sharing this post with your community.

Thank you so much for following our journey and supporting Flo and I as we cross borders and help others cross the borders within themselves through the art making adventure.